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What other books do you think should be on the list???

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Banned Books Week Begins!

Sept. 26 – Oct. 3 marks this year’s Banned Books Week.

It may not come as a big surprise that Catcher in the Rye, Brave New World, To Kill a Mocking Bird, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn were all challenged or banned in the past. Would it surprise you to know that they were each challenged or banned this year as well?

What else have you read this year that some might consider inappropriate? You can see this year’s list of banned and challenged books here, in the catalog of banned and challenged books of 2008-2009.

Who challenges books? Why? These graphs, from the American Library Association break down some of those statistics.

What do you do when you read something strikes you as objectionable? This article, The Secret Life of Book Bannersfrom the September 27 Chicago Tribune, discusses one woman’s experience from childhood to adult with banned material.

UPDATE: check out this interactive map of banned books in the US! Banned Books Map!

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Online Book Sale

It’s not news that we’re selling books (even though lending is our usual M.O.) we’ve been selling books in our Cafe Bookstore for a while.  But some of our donated books are a cut above the usual.  Some of them are signed, first editions, or rare, out-of-print books in excellent condition. So we’ve put them online through to give a wider audience a shot at owning these awesome books. Of course, we want to make sure our patrons can see what we have to offer, too.

So, check out the list of titles currently for sale.  All pricing, posting, and packaging are done by library volunteers, and the proceeds go toward the Library Building Fund.

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Bookstore Buys

Eclectic is the word for our Cafe Bookstore collection. We’re dependent on donations from library patrons who clean out their book shelves and offer us good quality, interesting titles with real sale potential.

Among the Grisham paperbacks, children’s books and popular non-fiction, some specialty items show up. Those are culled out and specially priced.

Recently a number of art and architecture books have come in. Their “coffee table” format and pristine condition make them perfect gift items.

Popular treatments include:

Jonathan Glancey’s ARCHITECTURE (part of the DK Eyewitness Companions series), a global view of important historical structures spanning thousands of years of building. 2006. $15

TIME’s GREAT BUILDINGS OF THE WORLD, a picture essay of “The World’s Most Influential, Inspiring and Astonishing Structures”. 2004. $5

Steve Dunwell’s EXTRAORDINARY BOSTON, beautiful photographs from all parts of the city, in all seasons and at all times of day. 2005. $15

George Cushing’s GREAT BUILDINGS OF BOSTON, a black and white photographic guide, arranged by neighborhoods. 1982. $5

Edward Hoak’s MASTERPIECES OF AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE, first published in 1930 and a Dover reprint, contains photographs and architectural drawings. 2002. $10

Then there are the funky and unusual gift books.

Eight books of drawings and pictures of the 20th. century Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher cover all aspects of his life and art. Titles in this collection include THE MAGIC MIRROR OF M.C. ESCHER, THE GRAPHIC WORK (2 volumes), VISIONS OF SYMMETRY (hard and softcover), IMPOSSIBLE WORLDS, and Al Seckel’s MASTERS OF DECEPTION. Prices vary from $5 to $20.

All the titles (and more for future postings) have a home in my office and are waiting for the right buyer. Email me at Proceeds go to the library Building Committee and their efforts to support the new library’s programs and services.

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