Like Poetry?

The Watertown Library is kicking into full gear next week with a celebration of National Poetry Month. If you like poetry, you can’t miss out on the readings we’re hosting featuring prominent local poets Rosamond Rosenmeier and Gregory Djanikian.

On April 22 at 7 PM, Rosamond Rosenmeier will read from her book “Where Light Answers Light: Poems from Prince Edward Island.” In her book, Rosamond celebrates more than 40 summers spent on Prince Edward Island’s north shore, recreating the season’s progress from “June’s pale green” through the “heaviest heat” of mid-summer to “fall’s silver air striking across the ripe corn.”

Then on Thursday, April 24 at 7 PM, award-winning poet and educator Gregory Djanikian will read from his latest book of poetry, So I Will Till the Ground. The Djanikian’s fifth collection of poems, published by Carnegie Mellon Press, deals with aspects of Armenian history and family life: the Genocide of 1915, the ensuing diaspora, and the emigration of the author and his family from Egypt to the United States. The poems, Peter Balakian has written, “…chart a poetic topography that takes us… from the elegiac to the philosophical and to the heartfelt comedy of human love.”


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