Staff Picks and Recommendations: Clayton, Rebecca, and Barbara

badmonkeys.jpg Clayton has been reading: Bad Monkeys by Mark Ruff. “Funny, lots of attitude, a bunch of twists – just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you’re not being watched! Highly recommended!”

Dog Wars by Anthony C. Winkler. “This is a wicked funny, laugh-out-loud book. It takes on inter-class cultural assumptions, lots of sex, crazy vegans, a Hindu limo driver looking for his Beulah so he can finally repay the camel he stole in another life over 1,000 years ago…. Read this book!”

Madhur Jaffrey’s memoir, Climbing the Mango Trees. “She’s written so many good cook books (you’ve likely used some of her recipes before) and writes about growing up in Delhi. Currently its after the second world war, before independence – but almost entirely focused on her family life – a very wealthy, progressive yet traditional, family – of roughly 30 people give or take!”

intheheartofthesea.jpgRebecca says, “I have been reading In the Heart of the Sea: the Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick. Not too long ago I plowed through Moby Dick and then I went to the Whaling Museum on Nantucket. They told me about the Philbrick book and that it told the story of the whaleship Essex upon which the story of Moby Dick was based. It is a very good book and very clear to read, unlike Moby Dick, and it’s also a true story. I would imagine his recent book about the Mayflower would be just as enlightening.”

sneakypiebrown.jpgBarbara recommends, “Anything from the collection of Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown!! The Bravest Dog, two clever cats and their friends solve the Mystery and save the day before their well-meaning, but only human, parents know what’s happened.”

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